The realm that war has torn.

The country of Kaliber has been torn by civil war for 18 years. What started as a simple and localized uprising in the southern part of the country in the hamlet of Brittany has ripped the country in half. The Justice of Timber Lake, military leader for Lord Joseph III, abandoned his liege lord and ruler of Kaliber to lead the rebels of his hometown of Brittany. He and is name Spears of Brittany fight against the so called tyranny of Lord Joseph III, but seek not control of the country but their own sovereign state encompassing the southern portion of the country.

Lord Joseph III of the house of Sync stands firm that his policy on governance and taxation of his people are appropriate to cover the safety, defends and public works provided by the crown. Among publicly supplied medical care, the lord deems that maintenance and protection of the Millenium Road as a high cost necessity. The Millenium Road is an ancient stone road that is the central lifeline of trade and travel through the lands of Kaliber. Only by this road are the hamlets and towns established in the land of Kaliber able to survive.

The war has seen the road shut down with groups of both Lord Joseph and the Justice of Timber Lake employing raids and checkpoints to choke their enemy of resources. This has caused almost all trade to the main cities of Bass in the north and Brittany to the south to slow to a trickle. Just enough to continue the war effort, there is little resources left for the people of the realm to ply their own trades. Few can feed their families and pay taxes to whichever party that comes to collect…if not both sides come knocking.

A new road to life

With the desert of 98 degrees to the east and war to north and south, there is but one option for escape and to rebuild for the people of Kaliber. The Aguilera Mountains to the west have ever been guarded by noble dwarven clans. These clans have taken no side in the war but that of the suffering innocents. In a combined decision among the great dwarven council and with a contracted assistance of the gnomes of the southern realms, a coalition has been created to build a new road through the wildlands behind the Aguilera Mountains. Simultaneously, a continuous operation to smuggle Kaliberian refugees through the mountains would be enacted. Already the dwarves harbor respectable population of Kaliberians, but they are proving a strain on their resources under the mountains.

The Tankerer Engineering Company has put together possibly the largest endeavor in world history to travel through the northern stretch of mountains and into the valley and lands beyond. Their mission is to build a new Millenium Road, one of which would return North-South trade back to levels of plenty and off of which displaced Kaliberians may rebuild their lands. Adventurers must brave wilds untouched for thousands of years, endeavor to build way stations and to mitigate all obstacles to enable this last hope for the Kaliberian people to be built.

So pack your gear, sign on to the operation and sharpen both your knife and you wits.

There are trails to blaze…

New Roads in an Old World

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